Promoter-less Lentivectors

Promoter-less Lentivectors

GenTarget’s Promoterless Lentivector products include several lentiviral expression vectors containing a variety of antibiotic selection markers or fluorescent-antibiotic fusion dual markers. Each vector contains an MCS (multiple cloning site) region for easy sub-cloning of any desired “Promoter-Target” expression cassette or any “promoter only” insert, depending on vector type. 

The Promoterless Lentivectors were engineered with several key genetic elements (WPRE, cPPT, RRE, see vector map scheme below) in order to produce high titer expression lentivirus upon co-transfection with a packaging plasmid mixture into 293T cells

PL map shchemes Promoterless MCS lentivector (Bsd)

Each vector contains an ampicillin maker and can be propagated in LB medium containing 100 µg/ml of ampicillin. The verified full vector sequence is provided in the product manual. Please click each product for details. 

Key Features of GenTarget’s Promoterless Lentivectors:  

  • An MCS region containing multiple restriction enzyme sites for sub-cloning of  a “promoter-target” cassette
  • A reporter protein (GFP, RFP, or luciferase) pre-installed after the MCS region in some vectors.  The reporter protein will be expressed under any sub-cloned “promoter” (see each vector for details)
  • A variety of antibiotic selection markers and fluorescent fusion dual markers that provide a convenient tool for tracing virus performance
  • Engineered lentivector backbone for high titer virus production
  • Modification / mutation in the 3’ UTR region (SIN feature), producing only replication-incompetent lentivirus for better Bio-safety
  • Full compatibility with most packaging mixtures  

Product contents: Each vector is provided at 6.0 µg /per vial.

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