TetR stable cells

TetR (tetracycline Regulator) stable cells with different marker

Pre-made stable cell line, derived from different host cell llines, constitutively expresses a TetR (tetracycline regulator) protein with different fluorescent and antibiotic markers. The TetR was expressed in high level under either a super CMV promoter or under an enhanced EF1a promoter. The antibiotic marker or the fluorescent-antibiotic marker is constitutively expressed under the RSV promoter. Please see the cell line genomic integrated expression cassette (below).

TetR stable cell map1 A549 / TetR (Puro) stable cells

The TetR stable cell lines can be used to generate the tetracycline inducible target expression cell line. Simply infect this TetR cell line with GenTarget’s premade Optional Inducible Expression Lentivirus products, and select the positive transduced cells. You then generate your target inducible expression cell line. (The target will be expressed upon addition of tetracycline.)

You can also use your own expression vector or lentivirus to make the inducible expression cell line as long as your target is driven under a promoter containing the TetR binding motif for inducible mechanism.

The pre-made TetR cell lines make much easier to generate the target inducible expression cell line. To validate this optional inducible expression system, you can use our inducible fluorescent control lentivirus (click to see)

Also, Please see our pre-made Inducible stable cell lines generated from the TetR stable cell lines.

Note: To generate a TetR stable cell line in your specific host cells, GenTarget provide stable cell line services. Please Contact Us or Email us for a service quote.

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