Signal Pathway Control Lentivirus

The Pathway Report Lentivirus are a group of premade lentivurs to measure the responses to stimulus in any cell types, of a group of pathway specific response elements. In those report lentivirus, a tandem repeats of pathway specific transcription response element (TRE) is inserted into a minimal TATA promoter that drive a report expression. 

To serve as the non-response control lentivirus, a set of Pathway Null-control Lentivirus are provided by Gentarget. The pathway control lentivirus has a Null sequence inserted into the same minimal promoter. The Null-sequence does not response to any signal pathway’s stimulus. Those Pathway Null-control Lentivirus are produced in the same lentivector backbone containing the same antibiotic or fluorescent marker as that in the pathway report lentivirus. They are used to establish the Non-response control profiles to any stimulus while use Pathway Report Lentivirus.  See the control lentivirus’s core structure scheme below.

miniNull Promoter miniPro(Null) GFP (Bsd) lentivirus

You select the Pathway control lentivirus that has the same antibiotic or fluorescent marker as the Signal Pathway Report Lentivirus does. The antibiotic or the fluorescent marker is consitutively expressed under RSV promoter and do not affect by any signal pathway or its stimulus.  See each product below, or Click to see Product Manual.

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