Knockdown guaranteed shRNAs

Pre-Made target knockdown shRNA lentivirus:

GenTarget provide pre-made knockdown shRNA lentivirus for human specific genes. For each target, we provide a pool (200ul) of three target specific shRNA lentiviruses and one Negative control shRNA lentivirus (200ul). Each shRNA lentivirus contains a GFP-Puromycin fusion dual marker, which provides a convenience tool for monitoring the virus transducation efficiency in your cell types and the puromycin antibiotic selection method.

The pre-made target shRNA lentivirus are in stock, ready to ship via overnight shipment in dry-ice package.

We guarantee >= 75% knockdown levels to the endogenous specific target ( from the selected virus transduction positive cells), or we give a free replacement with a different set of shRNA lentivirus for the same target (Note: such replacement request must to provide the  knockdown validation data by western blot or qPCR assays.)

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