Human HaCAT / TetR (Bsd) Cell Line


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Transformed from human adhesive HaCAT cell line (an keratinocytes from adult human skin), expresses tetracycline represser (TetR) gene. TetR was expressed under enhanced EF1a promoter. A Blasticidin antibiotic marker was expressed under RSV promoter.  The following expression cassette was inserted into cell line’s genome.


It is used to generate tetracycline inducible target expression cell line by simply infect this cell line with Inducible expression particles. The target expression then will be silenced in this cell line, and expression will be induced upon addition of Tetracycline. 

See How inducible expression works.

Completed culture medium: 

 DMEM with high Glucose / 10% FBS / Pen-Strep,  0.1 mM Non-Essential Amino Acids; optionally add: 10 ug/ml final Blasticidin.

Sold at:  1 vial x (>2 x 106 cells) / vial, see Product Manual for details.

Cat# SC064-TetR