RFP-LC3 (Puro) fusion lentiviral particles


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Pre-made lentiviral particles expressing a fusion target of (fusion of “RFP-LC3″).  The codon sequence of human LC3 gene (NCBI accession ID:  NM_022818.4, MAP1LC3A) was fusioned in frame with RFP at its N-terminal, expressed under a consitutive suCMV promoter, containing a puromycin antibiotic marker under the RSV promoter.

The protein encoded by this gene is one of the light chain subunit for MAP1A and MAP1B which are microtubule-associated proteins, mediated the physical interactions between microtubules and components of the cytoskeleton

Please see product manual for details.

Amount: 200ul/vial (1×107 IFU/ml), provided in DMEM medium with 10% FBS and 60ug/ml Polybrene (10x). 

Cat#: LVP399-R