CRE reporter cells

LoxP-GFP/RFP color switch cell lines

Pre-made stable cell line, derived from HEK293 cells, constitutively expresses a “LoxP-GFP-Stop-LoxP-RFP-Stop” cassette under strong suCMV promoter. The expression cassette also contains an antibbiotic marker (Puro, Bsd, or Neo) under a RSV promoter. See the genomic integrated express cassette structure below.

CRE LoxP cassette HEK293 loxP GFP RFP (Bsd)

The CRE reporting cell lines are used to monitor or confirm the efficiency of CRE recombination in vivo. It is a great method and easy tool to verify the performance of your CRE enzyme (your CRE expression plasmids, or pre-made CRE expression lentivirus, or purified CRE enzyme) in vivo conditions. It is also a control test to verify your CRE-loxP based system.

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Note:  you can use our pre-made LoxP lentivirus to build the LoxP/CRE reporting cell lines at your desired cell types, or Contact Us for stable cell line services

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