Fighting SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19)

ACE2 / TMPSS2 / S Protein: COVID19 virus attached human cells via two cell surface target, ACE2 and the serine protease, TMPRSS2, through its Spike (S) Protein. To facilitate the research for the treatment of COVID19, Gentarget now provides the expression lentivirus products for human ACE2 (CAT#: LVP1310), TMPSS2 (CAT#: LVP1309), and Spike (S) (CAT#: Read More >

High Efficiency protein delivery

Engineered protein transmembrane domain (PTD) The direct introduction of protein into cells is a critical step in studying protein function.  Unlike DNA transfection, in which the transcriptionally active DNA/gene is introduced into living cells where protein is made by cellular machinery, protein delivery does not introduce any exogenous DNA and is independent of the cellular Read More >

Enhanced super CMV promoter

Enhanced super CMV promoter RNA polymerase II is the main promoter category driven expression of thousands of genes. Its transcription mechanisms have been widely investigated. It involves many transcription factors and a combinatorial array of cis-regulatory DNA elements. Two parts were well characterized for transcription initiation complexes, the Core promoter and the Co-regulators. The core Read More >

PCR cloning -never been easier

PCR cloning kit Cloning is often limited by cost, labor-intensity, and incompatibility of restriction enzyme sites. Traditional in vitro cloning requires a variety of end-joining enzymes (e.g. T4 ligase, toposiomerase, blunt-end joining enzymes) or specific strand-exchange recombinases (e.g. CRE, loxP, Gateway BP, LR recombinase). Generating overhung- or blunt- ends  requires either  preparing vectors by restriction Read More >

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