Antibody Cloning and Expression

Antibody Cloning, Engineering, and Expression service

GenTarget provides antibody engineering and expression services using our own unique optimized protocols. From a hybridoma cell line you provide, we will resolve the variable region and secreted leader sequences of the light- and heavy-chains for isotype determination. We can then insert the variable sequences into our antibody expression vectors in either a one- or two-vector system, and assemble them with the  constant regions from human, mouse, or rabbit. The constant regions are codon-optimized for maximum expression in mammalian cells, and the expression leader sequence is engineered for maximum antibody secretion. Upon request, we can also construct any kind of chimeric vector for antibody humanization and engineering.  Please Contact us for a quote for this service.

What we offer:

  • Isolate the total RNA and mRNA from collected hybridoma cell pellet;
  • Determine the variable and leaser’s sequences for antibody’s light-chain and heavy-chain;
  • Clone the determined variable into our mammalian expression vectors;
  • Pioneer expression the antibody in suspension 293 cells;
  • Stable antibody expression cell line construction;

Why use GenTarget’s antibody cloning / expression service?

  • We use a unique protocol for variable region sequence determination
  • Our engineered CMV promoter produces extremely high expression levels
  • Our engineered leader sequence produces high levels of secreted antibody expression so that the antibody can be purified directly from the media
  • The expressed antibody can be humanized for less immunogenicity in human
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Extensive cloning experience
  • The best price
  • Upon request, the vector can contain either the glutamine-synthetase gene, the blasticidin resistance gene, or any other marker you select for easier stable cell line construction