About Us

Incorporated in 2008, GenTarget provides proprietary bio-reagents and services with an emphasis on Lentivirus and Adenovirus gene delivery technologies, providing Pre-made Lentiviruses and Adenovirus for gene over-expression, knockdown, miRNA expression, Pre-made mammalian stable cell lines, and more.

With an emphasis on product quality and innovation, we develop and manufacture many proprietary technologies such as the SureTiterTM Lentiviral system; LocLightTMLive cell imaging, LoxP GFP/RFP ColorSwtich for CRE reporting system, and EcoTM instant PCR cloning method, as well as wide selection of Signal Transduction Pathway Report Lentivirus product series.

Our Mission is to provide easier, better, and more economic solutions that are superior to those currently on the market, for rapidly accelerate drug discovery and bioscience research.

Our Destination is to be a leading provider of lentivirus products and services, and build a long term developmental relationship with the scientific community though our contracted services.

Our Experts: Our leading scientist has more than 23 years of  biomedical  and academic research experience, including 18 years of biotech industry experiences, including several major corporations, in vector construction, cloning,  protein expression, RNAi screening,  bio-arrays, and cDNA library construction and high through-put cloning.

GenTarget Inc. is located in the beautiful Sorrento Valley area of San Diego, California, USA. All of its production and services are performed in USA. We encourage you to Contact us with your comments, suggestions, and ideas so that we can better serve you.  We warmly welcome interested distributors and collaborators to connect with us.

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