Cell-Specific Reporter

The native promoters have different strength in different tissues. In many cases, some promoter’s expression are highly upgraded in some kinds of cancer cells. To test each promoter’s strength or to preferentially express a reporter in desired tissue types,  Gentarget developed a set of reporter lentiviruses to express a luminescence or fluorescent reporter  (firefly Luciferase, Renilla luciferase, RFP or GFP fluorescent marker) under a tissue specific promoter. Those reporter are specifically or preferably expressed in the targeted cell types which provides a great tool to labeling the specific cell types or to investigate the specific promoter strength in different tissue or cell types.

These lentivirus also express an antibiotic selection marker or another fluorescent marker under a constitutive RSV promoter which provides selection tool, serves as the internal normalization control, or as the convenient monitoring method for virus transduction efficiency. See the lentivectors’ core scheme below.

Tissue specific reporter lenivector B29 GFP (Bsd) lentivirus

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