rtTA Expression

rtTA (reverse tetracycline Transcriptional Activator) Lentiviral Particles 

These Pre-made lentiviral particles express the reverse tetracycline transcription activator gene rtTA-M2 (ABC65845.1) under an enhanced EF1α promoter and express an antibiotic selection marker (Neo, Puro, Bsd or a fluorescent-antibiotic fusion dual marker) under a constitutive Rsv promoter.  rtTA-M2 is a mutant of rtTA that has increased stability and reduced background expression in the absence of the tetracycline analog doxycycline (Dox) and improved inducibility in the presence of Dox. 

Please see the core map scheme below for details.

 rtTA map scheme

 Applications: rtTA binds to the tetracycline operator element (TetO) in the presence of doxycycline (Dox). Any promoters embedded with TetO sequences can bind to the rtTA protein when the inducer (Dox or tetracycline) is present, activating transcription of the downstream gene (the so-called Tet-On inducible system).   

See Product Manual (.pdf) here.  

Note: please see our “Pre-made rtTA Expression Stable Cell Lines” to generate your own inducible target expression cell lines.


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