Heat inducible report expression

Hsp70 promoter is a heat inducible promoter that drives the Heat Shock Protein-70 expression. Heat Shock Proteins are a family of conserved ubiquitously expressed proteins that are an important part of the cell’s machinery for protein folding, and help to protect cells from stress. The Heat shock proteins are strongly up-regulated by heat stress and toxic chemicals, particularly heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, copper, mercury, and near infrared light, etc. 

The HSP70 promoter contains at least two regulatory domains, a distal domain responsive to heat shock or heavy metals and a proximal domain responsive to stimulation by serum. The activity of the HSP70 promoter can be induced by moderate hyperthermia (39°C to 43°C), reaching expression levels similar to those of the CMV promoter. 

Gentarget create a set of reporting lentivirus in which a report (Luciferase or fluorescent marker) is driven by Hsp70 promoter. The report’s expression is moderate at normal culture condition and up-regulated upon the stimulation, such as hyperthermia (42 oC) for 1 hour. The promoter activation reaches to its peak at about 24 h after heat shock and could be maintained for 3 days with a gradual decline. Those products also contain a constitutively expressed antibiotic selection marker for positive cell selection, or a 2nd fluorescent marker which serves as internal normalization control.

Those reporting lentivirus products provide the efficient and easy tools for researching or monitoring Hsp promoter strength under all kinds of stimulation, such a metal ion, near-infrared light illumination and heating treatment, and provide the temporal and spatial control of gene expression.

The main express cassette of this lentivector is showed as the scheme below. Click Product Manual (pdf) to see product details.

Hsp70 pro scheme Hsp70 Firefly Luc (Bsd)  lentivirus in PBS

Citation:  Journal of Controlled Release 217 (2015) 113–120

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