Mitochondrial pH-sensitive probe

Mito-SypHer  Expression Lentivirus:

Mitochondria are double membrane organelles with an outer membrane permeable to solutes and an inner membrane harboring the respiratory chain complexes. Mitochondria extrude protons across their inner membrane to generate pH gradient which powers ATP synthesis.  SypHer is a mutated form of Hyper, a genetically encoded sensor for hydrogen peroxide. The mutations make SypHer insensitivity to H2O2. The Mito-SypHer is a mitochondrial targeted pH-sensitive probe. The Mito-SypHer provides a tool for dynamic measurement of pH changes at mitochondria in living cells. Mito-SypHer is a ratiometric probe, excited at 420/480nm with 505nm Dichroic and 535nm (+/- 25nm) Emission filter.

Gentarget created a set of expression lentivirus for Mito-SypHer probe. Those products also contain a constitutively expressed Mito-SypHer under the enhanced CMV or EF1a promoter. The CMV demonstrated the highest expression levels in most cell types. The EF1a demonstrated high expression with much less tissue specificity and without promoter-silencing effects during long-term culture.

Mito SypHer scheme Mito SypHer (CMV Bsd) Lentivirus

The main express cassette of this lentivector is showed in the scheme above. Click Product Manual (pdf) to see product details.

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