Recombinant Adenovirus

Recombinant Expression Adenovirus

Adenoviruses are double-stranded DNA viruses that can infect a broad range of cell types including dividing and non-dividing cells and are, therefore, widely used vehicles for gene delivery. GenTarget’s Adenovirus expression vector is derived from human adenovirus type5 with the E1 and E3 genomic region deleted. Because E1 is essential for the assembly of the virus particles, GenTarget’s Adenovirus system produces only replication-incompetent adenovirus.

GenTarget’s pre-made expression adenovirus contains a target expressed under an enhanced human cytomegalovirus (suCMV) promoter. When applicable, a fluorescent marker (GFP or RFP) is bicistronically expressed under the same promoter, mediated by a 2A element which allows expressing two individual targets. Please see the map scheme below for the core expression cassette.

adenovirus scheme1 BFP Adenovirus, in vivo ready

 The pre-made adenovirus’ titers (Ifu/ml) are calculated from the positive cell counts of the fluorescent or other marker following transduction into HeLa cells. The represented titers are close to the real infectious units, the PFU titers. 

Adenoviruses are provided in as ready-to-use in two formats: 

  • 200 ul in DMEM medium with 10 % FBS (1×109 ifu/ml);
  • 50 ul for in vivo application in PBS solution with 5% sucrose (1×1011 ifu/ml) 

Please see product details in each category below. Click here to see Product Manual. 

Note: Gentarget Inc also provides adenovirus services for cloning your gene of interest and generates ready-to-use adenovirus particles with the best prices and fastest turnaround time. Please Contact us for details.

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