CAR negative control: CD28-CD3ζ


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Pre-made CAR Negative Control Lentivirus express the CAR construct of “CD8 hinge-CD28-CD3ζ”, containing Puromycin (Puro) selection. It has the entire CAR construct except the targeting domain (anti-ScFV), thus serving as the negative control to validate the specificity of the CAR-T targeted killing.   The lentivector’s core structure is represented by the scheme below. see details in Product Manual.

CAR control lentivector map

CD28 is transmembrane protein expressed on T cells. It provides co-stimulatory signals for inducing T cell activation and proliferation. CD28 is widely used as the costimulatory domain in CARs.

CD3ζ (T-cell receptor zeta) is expressed by T cells and NK cells. It together with T-cell receptor and CD3γ, δ, ε chain, forms the TCR-CD3 complex. CD3-zeta is the most commonly used activation component of CARs. It transmits an activation signal to the T cell after the antigen is bound. It can be coupled with additional co-stimulatory signaling for the complete activation.

Amount: 200 ul/vial at titer of 1×108 IFU/ml, concentrated lentivirus provided in PBS solution, premixed with 10x polybrene (60ug/ml), premade, ready to ship, in dry-ice package.

CAT#: CAR-Ctr3