CFP-CSF1 (Puro) fusion lentiviral particles


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Pre-made lentiviral particles expressing a fusion target of (CFP-human CSF1 ORF).  The sequence verified codon sequence of human CSF1 (NCBI accession ID: NM_000757.3.) was fusioned at its N-terminal with CFP protein, expressed under a consitutive suCMV promoter, containing a puromycin antibiotic marker under the RSV promoter. It can be used to visualize CSF1 expressed in sub-cellular localization.

CSF1 is a cytokine that controls the production, differentiation, and function of macrophages. The active form of the protein is found extracellularly as a disulfide-linked homodimer, and is thought to be produced by proteolytic cleavage of membrane-bound precursors.

Amount: 200ul/vial (1×107 IFU/ml), provided in DMEM medium with 10% FBS and 60ug/ml Polybrene (10x). 

 Cat#: LVP556-C

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