CFP (EF1a-RB) lentiviral particles


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Pre-made CFP lentivial particles expressing codon optimized CFP under engineered EF1a promoter.  It contains a RFP-Blasticidin fusion dual selection marker under Rsv promoter (see map scheme below). The re-engineered EF1a promoter is strong constitutive promoter. It is non-tissue specific, highly expressed in all cell types, and less likely be silenced after long-term culture.

This is double fluorescent expression lentivirus in which the CFP reflects the EF1a promoter activity in your cell line, and the RFP reflects the blasticidin expression (also for monitoring the RSV promoter activity in your cell line).  It allows to sort or select transduced cells for long term expression via CFP or RFP  signal, as well as via blasticidin antibiotic selection (Dual selection).  

 See Product manual for details (.pdf).



  1. monitor EF1a and RSV promoter activity in any specific cells;
  2. Double fluorescent protein expression cell line (Note: CFP and RFP has no signal overlap).
  3. others;

Amount:  1 x 107 IFU/ml x 200ul in DMEM medium with 10% FBS, 60ug/ml polybrene

Cat#: LVP468