CFP-LC3 (Puro) fusion lentiviral particles



Lentivirus express a fusion of “CFP-LC3″.  The codon sequence of human LC3 gene (gene_synonym: ATG8F; LC3B; MAP1A/1BLC3; MAP1LC3B-a; NCBI ID: NM_022818 ), was fusioned in frame with Cyan Fluorescent Protein (CFP) at its N-terminal, expressed under a constitutive suCMV promoter, containing a puromycin antibiotic marker under the RSV promoter.

The protein encoded by this gene is one of the light chain subunit for MAP1A and MAP1B which are microtubule-associated proteins, mediated the physical interactions between microtubules and components of the cytoskeleton.

Expression of the ‘Fluorescent-LC3’ fusion allows to visualize autophagosome formation in real time in live cells. During autophagosome formation, the fusion protein is processed and recruited to the autophagosome membrane, where it can be imaged as cytoplasmic puncta by high resolution fluorescence microscopy. The changes in percentage of Fluorescent positive cells can be determined and serves as the indicative of autophagy processing stages. see Product Manual for all fusion products.

Amount: 200ul/vial (1×107 IFU/ml), provided in DMEM medium, containing 60ug/ml of Polybrene (10x). 

Cat#: LVP399-C