CFP-Luciferase fusion (Bsd), Concentrated Lentivirus



Lentivirus (Lentiviral Particles) express fusion of Cyan Fluorescent Protein and Firefly Luciferase (CFP-Luciferase).  The human codon-optimized firefly luciferase was fusioned at its N-terminal with CFP protein, expressed under a constitutive suCMV promoter. A Blasticidin (Bsd) antibiotic selection marker is expressed under Rsv promoter. So you can select the positive transduced cell via CFP sorting, or Blasticidin killing.

You can visualize Cyan fluorescent (CFPsignal under a F-microscope, and monitor luciferase signal in vivo or in vitro via Lucifrin substrate. 

Please see Product Manual for details.

Amount: 200ul/vial (1×107 IFU/ml), provided in DMEM medium with 10x Polybrene.

Cat#: LVP1331-PBS