CFP-Vimentin (Puro) Lentiviral particles



Lentivirus express a fusion target of (CFP-Vimentin).  The human Vimentin (VIM)  (NCBI accession ID: NM_003380) was fusioned, at its N-terminal, with CFP (Cyan Fluorescent Protein) marker, expressed under the enhanced suCMV promoter, containing a Puromycin antibiotic marker under the RSV promoter. 

Vimentin (VIM) is a type III intermediate filament (IF). IF, tubulin-based microtubules and actin-based microfilaments, comprises the cytoskeleton. vimentin is the major cytoskeletal component of mesenchymal cells.

Vimentin is often used as a marker of cells undergoing an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) during both normal development and metastatic progression. The fluorescent labelled Vimentin provide insight on the dynamics of vimentin. When cells change from Mesenchymal To Epithelial (MET), the VIM-tagged fluorescent signal will be reduced correspondingly, which serves the real-time monitoring the cell status changes.

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Cat#: LVP1340-C