CRE (CMV promoter) Integrase-Deficient Lentivirus


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CRE recombinase, from bacteriophage P1, catalyzes recombination between 34 base-pair target sequences, called Lox sites.

This Integrase-Deficient Lentivirus expresses CRE Recombinase (click to see its codon sequence), under suCMV promoterThe CRE is tagged with nuclear localization signal (NLS), PKKKRKV from the SV40 Large T-antigen at its N-terminus, allowing penetration of the nuclear membrane, and catalyzing the joining of lox sites in vivo.

The Puromycin antibiotic resistance gene was expressed under Rsv Promoter, which provides the transient selection feature (within 1 ~ 2 weeks post-transduction) if desired. See Product Manual (.pdf).

Application: Deliver a transient CRE expression in diving cells, non-diving cells, primary cells, and more.

Amount:1 x 107 IFU/ml x 200ul in PBS solution, premixed with 60ug/ml polybrene (10x).

Cat#: IDLV025