Custom-Mouse miRNA expression lentivirus


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Pre-made micro RNA exrepssion lentivirus: Mouse microRNA precursors and its native context sequences (upstream and downstream flanking genomic sequences) were PCR amplified and cloned into a pLenti-TetCMV(GFP-3UTR/miRNA)-Rsv(Puro) lentivector. See Product Manual for details.


1) 500 ul of ready-to-use specific miRNA expression lentivirus(premixed with polybrene),

2) 500 ul of ready-to-use Negative-control miRNA expression lentivirus ( premixed with polybrene), (Note: This miR-control virus expresses only GFP, but not any specific miRNA).

Virus titer: 1 x 107 IFU/ml,

Shipping: overnight shipment in dry-ice package. (Note: this is made-on-demand order, the timeline to delivery is 2 weeks).

CAT#: M-GFP-miR (Note: please provide the microRNA ID  or microRNA express catalog # at check out)