Customized lentiviral shRNA (U6) with GFP-Blasticidin marker


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Three shRNA lentiviectors (5.0 ug/each) and three pre-made shRNA expression lentivirus (0.5 ml/each). One negative control shRNA vector (5.0ug) and virus (0.5ml).

The shRNA was expressed under the human U6 constitutive promoter. The shRNA lentivector aslo contains a GFP-Blasticidin fusion dual marker under Rsv promoter, which allows to select the shRNA positive cell by blasticidin antibiotic selection or by FACS cell sorting via GFP signal. See shRNA cloning kit manual for more details about the shRNA lentivector.

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Cat#: U6-shRNA(GB)-Custom,

Amounts: (1) Plasmid DNAs: 5 ug/each x 4 tubes; (2): pre-made shRNA virus: 0.5ml/each x 4 tubes. (vectors and viruses: three target specific shRNA and one negative control shRNA)

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