dCas9-GAL4 Lentivirus



The GAL4 activation domain is derived from the yeast transcription factor GAL4 (galactose-responsive transcription factor). The “dCas9-GAL4” fusion recruit various co-activators, including the p300/CBP histone acetyltransferase, to enhance gene transcription [Reference].

This premade lentivirus express the dCa9-GAL4 fusion under the enhanced CMV promoter (SuCMV). It does not contain any antibiotic selection. It can be used to activate the desired genes upon the delivery of the targeted gRNA.

If desired, the negative control lentivirus, CAT#: LVP1597, which has the dCas9 fusioned with a Null sequence, can be used as the non-specific, background control.

To up-regulate your desired gene, simply apply this lentivirus to your cells and then add the targeting gRNA lentivirus (which need to be designed and made separately according to your target locus.), or apply this lentivirus together with your desired gRNA lentivirus. (Note: Contact us if you need to make your desired gRNA lentivirus via a customized order).

see details in Product Manual.

Amount: 200 ul/vial, at titer of 1×108 IFU/ml, provided in PBS solution (premixed with 10x polybrene, 60 ug/ml).

CAT#: LVP1585