dCas9-GFP (Puro) Lentivirus



Cas9 from Streptococcus pyogenes is the most frequently used Cas endonuclease in CRISPR. dCas9 (deficient Cas9 or Dead Cas9) is a mutant of spCas9. It lacks the ability to cleave double-stranded DNA but is still capable of cleaving only one strand of the genome DNA (so-called “nickase”). Like Cas9, dCas9 can still be localized to the desired genome site guided by specific RNAs (gRNA), thus binding to the targeted genomic loci.

The dCa9 coupled with a fluorescent marker, provides a in vivo fluorescent-imaging tool for visualizing specific genomic loci in real-time in living cells [Reference]. (Note: you need confocal fluorescent microscope for such visualization).

This premade lentivirus express the dCa9-GFP fusion under the enhanced CMV promoter (SuCMV), carrying Puromycin selection. It can be used to image the specific locus upon the delivery of the targeting gRNA, or generate the locus-imaging-ready cell line that used to visualize a specific locus upon the the locus-specific gRNA addition.

see details in Product Manual.

Amount: 200 ul/vial, at titer of 1×108 IFU/ml, provided in PBS solution (premixed with 10x polybrene, 60 ug/ml).

CAT#: LVP1586