EF1a-h Cas9 (GFP-Puro) lentiviral particles, in vivo ready


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Pre-made lentivial particles express human codon optimized wild-type Cas9 endonuclease  under an enhanced EF1a promoter, with our proprietary NLS (Nuclear Localization Signal) at its N-terminal, for the best nuclear penetration. It also contains a GFPPuromycin fusion dual marker (under RSV promoter) for selection of the transduced cells via GFP fluorescent signal or via Puromycin antibiotic. The fluorescent signal provides a real-time monitoring of the lentivirus’ transduction efficiency in your cell types.

The particles was concentrated and provided in PBS solution which used for serum sensitive culture, hard to transduced cells or for in vivo application.

See Product Manual here (.pdf).

Application: used for CRISPR gene editing ( Note: used with a separate “gene specific gRNA lentivirus” or ” gene specific gRNA vector” for CRISPR editing )

Amount:  5 x 107 IFU/ml x 200ul in PBS.  

Shipping and storage: overnight shipment in dry-ice package. Stored at -80oC.

Cat#: LVP708-PBS