EF1a-h Cas9 (RFP-Puro) lentiviral particles


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Pre-made lentivial particles express human codon optimized wild-type Cas9 endonuclease  under an enhanced EF1a promoter, with our proprietary NLS (Nuclear Localization Signal) at its N-terminal, for the best nuclear penetration. It also contains a RFP-Puromycin fusion dual marker (under RSV promoter) for selection of the transduced cells via RFP fluorescent signal or via Puromycin antibiotic. The fluorescent signal provides a real-time monitoring of the lentivirus’ transduction efficiency in your cell types.

See Product Manual here (.pdf).

Application: used for CRISPR gene editing ( Note: used with a separate “gene specific gRNA lentivirus” or ” gene specific gRNA vector” for CRISPR editing )

Amount:  5 x 106 IFU/ml x 200ul in DMEM medium with 10% FBS, 60ug/ml polybrene. 

Shipping and storage: overnight shipment in dry-ice package. Stored at -80oC.

Cat#: LVP709