Luc (firefly)-2A-GFP (EF1a, RFP-Puro) Lentivirus



Lentivirus express luciferase II gene under an engineered EF1a promoter which is non-tissue specific, highly expressed in all cell types, and less likely be silenced after long-term culture. A GFP marker was co-expressed under the same promoter. Luciferase and GFP were bicistronically expressed as individual protein mediated by a 2A element.  A RFPPuromycin fusion dual marker was expressed under RSV promoter.

This is double fluorescent labeled luciferase expression lentivirus in which the GFP reflects the luciferase expression (also for monitoring the suCMV promoter activity in your cell line), and the RFP reflects the puromycin expression (also for monitoring the RSV promoter activity in your cell line).  It allows to sort or select transduced cells for long term expression via GFP or RFP  signal, as well as via blasticidin antibiotic selection (Dual selection).  GFP signal provides a convenient, realtime monitoring the luciferase particles performance.  See product manual for details (.pdf).

Amount:  200ul/per vial, at 1 x 107 IFU/ml in DMEM medium with 10% FBS. 

Cat#: LVP464 (Note: the alternative product, Cat#: LVP462, driven by an optional inducible CMV promoter).