ER-RFP (Neo) lentivirus in PBS



Pre-made lentivirus express RFP fluorescent reporter under a minimal promoter inserted with 4 tandem repeats of estrogen receptor response element (ER-RE), for detecting Estrogen-receptor regulated signaling pathway activity.

This lentivirus  also contain the Neomycin selection marker under the constitutive RSV promoter for antibiotic selection.  See  Product Manual for details (.pdf).

If desired, you can also use a pathway “Control Lentivirus” to establish the No-response control profile to your pathway stimulus. The corresponding pathway control lentivirus is: CAT#: Path-Ctr10. 

This is concentrated lentivirus provided in PBS solution, used for hard-to-transduced cell types or for serum-free cell culture.

Amount:  200ul/per vial, at 1 x 108 IFU/ml in PBS. 

Cat#: LVP974-N-PBS