Firefly & Renilla Dual Luciferase Hela Cell Line


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This Dual report stable cell line was transformed from the human Hela cell line and stably expresses two luciferase report genes:  Firefly (click to see its coding sequence) and Renilla (click to see its coding sequence). It is established by transducing two luciferase expression lentivirus under enhanced EF1a promoter, one carrying puromycin selection, the other Blasticidin selection. The following expression constructs were integrated into cell’s genome.


  1. This cell line can be used for In vivo or In vitro imaging assay detected by luciferase assays, using D-luciferin substrate for firefly signal, and coelenterazine substrate for Renilla signal. Please refer to vendor’s luciferase assay kit for assay details.
  2. It can be used in the knockdown or knockout assays by targeting either one luciferase, and the other luciferase used as the internal normalization control. It provides easy and effective tool for screening your knockout or knockdown agents.     

Sold at:  1 vial x (3 x 106 cells)/vial, see details in Product Manual.

Cat# SC019