GFP-His-RFP (Bsd) Lentiviral particles


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This particles was produced from our SureTiter lentiviral system. GFP  and RFP  are bicistronically expressed under the same suCMV promoter mediated by  F2A self-processing peptide. A Blasticidin marker was expressed under RSV promoter, allowing the selection of transduced cells for long term expression. GFP was expressed with C-term His tag (Note: RFP is not fusuion with GFP).


  1. Used as  control lentiviral particles to monitor the transduction ability for your cell of interest;
  2. Visualize expression efficiency by GFP signal and trasnduction efficiency via RFP signal;
  3. Used for making dual fluorescent GFP and RFP stable cell line via Blasticidin selection or flurescent cell sorting;
  4. Purify mammalian expressed His-tagged GFP protein; 
  5. Others;

See product manual (.pdf) for details.

Amount: 200ul/tube, at 1 x 107 IFU/ml in DMEM medium with 10% FBS, 60ug/ml polybrene. 

Cat#: LVP002