GFP-lacZ (His) Lentiviral particles, in vivo ready



Pre-made GFP_lacZ fusion Lentiviral particles expressing GFP and full-length Beta galactosidase (lacZ) fusion gene under suCMV promoter.  GFP-LacZ fusion was expressed with C-term His-tag. A RFP was co-expressed under the same suCMV promoter. So they are triple signal particles, with GFP, RFP signal visualized via microscope and lacZ signal via staining. A blasticidin marker under PGK promoter allows to select the stable cells for long term expression, see lentivector core map scheme below:

Lentivirus was concentrated into PBS . See Product Manual (.pdf).

Amount:  200ul/per vial at 5 x 107 IFU/ml in PBS solution.

Cat#: LVP021-PBS