GFP-Luciferase Fusion (Puro), Concentrated Lentivirus



Pre-made lentiviral particles expressing a fusion target of (GFP-Luciferase /firefly3).  The codon-optimized firefly luciferase was fusioned at its N-terminal with GFP protein, expressed under a constitutive suCMV promoter. A puromycin antibiotic selection marker is expressed under Rsv promoter.

It is a double signal marker for visualizing of  Green fluorescent (GFPsignal and monitoring luciferase signal in vivo or in vitro. This is the concentrated lentivirus with a higher-titer, best used for cell line generation and In Vivo Imaging.

Please see Product Manual for details.

Amount: 200ul/vial (1×108 IFU/ml), provided in PBS solution.

Cat#: LVP673-PBS