h FLT3-ITD (EF1a, GFP-Puro), Concentrated Lentivirus


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This Pre-made Lentivirus expresses human, Flt3-ITD ( Fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 – Internal Tandem Duplication ). Click to see its coding sequence. The expression lentivector’s core structure is listed in the scheme below.

Lentivector map scheme with EF1a promoter

Flt3-ITD is the internal tandem duplication (ITD) genetic mutation occurs in Flt3 gene. The Flt3-ITD mutation results in the continuous activation of the Flt3 receptor, leading to uncontrolled cell division and proliferation of immature blood cells. It is often found in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Flt3-ITD testing is used in the diagnosis, treatments and prognosis of AML

The full sequence-verified target is expressed under the enhanced EF1a promoter (which is best suite for the hard-to-transduced cell types and suspension cells, like T Cells, B Cells). It also contains a GFP-Puromycin dual selection marker.  The GFP signal provides convenient, real-time monitoring of the particles’ performance.  See Product Manual for details.

When desired, use the cognate Null-control Lentivirus (CAT#: EF1a-Null-GP-PBS) as the negative control, for lentivirus treatment in your cell culture. The Null-Control does not express any targets, but express the same GFP-Puromycin selection marker. see also the wild-type human Flt3 expression lentivirus, CAT#: LVP394 (with RFP-Blasticidin selection)

Amount: 200ul, at 1 x 108 IFU/ml (Premixed with 10x Polybrene / 60ug/ml)

Cat#: LVP1623