h PBK Expression Lentivirus


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Pre-made Lentivirus express human target: PBK (alternative name: CT84, FLJ14385, Nori-3, SPK, TOPK), 100% matched CDS region in NCBI ID: NM_018492.2.

The target is natively expressed under an optional inducible TetCMV promoter.  It constitutively expresses the target without need any induction, or optionally, used for inducible expression when its repressor (TetR) is present. A RFP-Blasticidin fusion marker under RSV promoter, allows to sort or select transduced cells for long-term expression via RFP signal or via Puromycin antibiotic (Dual markers). GFP signal provides convenient, realtime monitoring virus’ performance.  See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

Amount: 200ul, at 1 x 107 IFU/ml in DMEM medium with 10x polybrene.

Cat#: LVP095