HEK293-CFTR cell line with RFP and Blasticidin marker


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Transformed from HEK293 cells by lentiviral system, this cell line expresses human CFTR gene (NM_000492). 

CFTR was constitutively expressed under an enhanced EF1a promoter. The RFP-Blasticidin marker was expressed under Rsv promoter. The cell constitutively express both CFTR and RFP.

This CFTR protein involved in multi-drug resistance. It belongs to a ATP-binding cassette (ABC) subfamily. The ABC proteins transport various molecules across extra- and intra-cellular membranes. The CFTR functions as a chloride channel and controls the regulation of other transport pathways. It is characterized in chronic bronchopulmonary disease (with recurrent respiratory infections), pancreatic insufficiency (which leads to malabsorption and growth retardation) and elevated sweat electrolytes. Mutations in this gene are associated with the autosomal recessive disorders cystic fibrosis and congenital bilateral aplasia of the vas deferens.  

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Cat# SC022-RB