HEK293-TRPV1 cell line with RFP and Blasticidin marker


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Transformed from HEK293 cells by lentiviral system, this cell line expresses human TRPV1 gene NM_080704.3. 

TRPV1 was constitutively expressed under an enhanced EF1a promoter. The RFP-Blasticidin marker was expressed under Rsv promoter. The cell constitutively express both TRPV1 and RFP.

The TRPV1 protein is a receptor for capsaicin and is a non-selective cation channel that is structurally related to members of the TRP family of ion channels. This receptor is also activated by increases in temperature in the noxious range, suggesting that it functions as a transducer of painful thermal stimuli in vivo.

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Cat# SC027-RB