rtTA (GFP-Bsd) / Hela stable cells


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Transformed from Hela cells via lentiviral system, expressing the rtTA (reverse tetracycline Transcriptional Activator) protein.  rtTA-m2 (ABC65845.1) is constitutively expressed under the enhanced EF1a promoter. A GFP-Blasticidin fusion dual marker was expressed under RSV promoter (see the integrated expression cassette below).  

This cell line expressed rtTA protein binds to tetracycline operator elements (TetO) in the presence of doxycycline (Dox). Any promoters that embedded with TetO sequences can binds to the rtTA protein when the inducer (Dox or tetracycline) is present, which activates the transcription of the promoter’s downstream gene (So called, Tet-On inducible system). Therefore, this cell line can be used for Tetracycline or Dox inducible target expression when applied with target expression vectors (with TetOn inducible promoter), or for generation of any inducible target stable cell lines (after introduced a TetOn expression vector).

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Cat# SC038-GB