hsa-miR-34a-3p (MIMAT0004557) miRNA expression lentivirus


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Pre-made micro RNA expression lentivirus for human hsa-miR-34a-3p (MIMAT0004557):

The  human microRNA precursors and its native context sequences (upstream and downstream flanking genomic sequences) was cloned into a GenTarget’s miRNA expression lentivector: pLenti-TetCMV(GFP-3UTR/miRNA)-Rsv(Puro). The miRNA cloned at 3’UTR or GFP marker under an optional inducible CMV promoter.  It can be used for constitutive miR expression or used as inducible miR expression when the TetR repressor is present. The GFP signal provides a real-time monitor for the miRNA expression levels and the lentivirus transduction efficiency.

The cloned miRNA transcript the precursor sequence (click to see the sequence)

It guarantees to generate two matured miRNA sequences as follows:



See Produce Manual for details.


1) 200 ul of ready-to-use specific miRNA expression lentivirus in DMEM-medium containing 60 ug polybrene (10x).

2) 200 ul of ready-to-use Negative-control miRNA expression lentivirus in DMEM-medium containing 60 ug polybrene (10x). (Note: The miR-Control express the GFP marker, but not contain miRNA sequence).

Virus titer: 1×107 IFU/ml,

Shipping: overnight shipment in dry-ice package. (Note: This product is pre-made in stock, ready to ship via an overnight dry-ice package)

CAT#: miR#113