Human MIA PaCa-2 / RFP Stable Cells


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Human MIA PaCa-2 is a human pancreatic cancer cell line, established by A. Yunis, et al. in 1975 from tumor tissue of the pancreas obtained from a 65-year-old Caucasian male. The cells exhibit CK5.6, AE1/AE3, E-cadherin, vimentin, chromogranin A, synaptophysin, SSTR2, and NTR1, but not CD56. It is widely used in pancreatic cancer research and therapy development.

This RFP / human MIA PaCa-2 cell line expresses the codon-optimized monomer RFP fluorescent marker. RFP was expressed under the enhanced EF1a Promoter. Cell line carries the Puromycin resistance.

The following expression cassette was integrated into the cell line’s genome:

RFP expression vector scheme

Each cell showed RFP fluorescent signal. see a sample image below:

Human MIA PaCa-2 RFP Cell line image

Sold at:  1 vial x (2 x 106 cells)/vial, see details in Product Manual.

Cat# SC079-R