Human SK-Mel-5 / Luciferase & RFP Stable Cells


human SK-Mel-5 cell line co-express Luciferase and RFP dual report, containing puromycin selection.


Human SK-Mel-5 cell line was derived from human metastatic Skin Melanoma in axillary lymph node, in a 24 years old Caucasian female. It often served as the model for melanoma-specific drugs and antibody development.

This Luciferase & RFP / human SK-Mel-5 cell line was transformed via Lentivirus transduction. It has the Luciferase and RFP was constitutively co-expressed under EF1a promoter, as two separate proteins (not as fusion), mediated via 2A element. The Puromycin resistance marker was expressed under Rsv promoter. The following express cassette was integrated into cell-line’s genome. 

GFP and Luciferase co-expression under EF1a promoter

Each cell demonstrates a strong RFP fluorescent signal (see sample image below). Its chem-luminescence signal was verified via luciferase assay using the D-luciferin substrate. And its signal can be detected, in vitro and in vivo.

SK-Mel-5 / RFP and Luciferase dual reporter cell line

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