Light activator (Puro) lentivirus



The pre-made lentivirus consitutively expresses a nuclear permeable light-activator protein under strong CMV promoter. It is a photosensitive protein derived from Erythrobacter litoralis protein EL222. It consists of two domains, the light sensor domain (LSD or called LOV: light-oxygen-voltage) and the DNA binding domain (DBD or called HTH: helix-turn-helix). In the dark, the two domain are interacted with each other to prevent its binding to “light inducible promoter sequence”. When blue light is on (465nm), the illumination breaks these interactions (protein formation changes), opening the DBD domain from LSD domain, which triggers the DBD binding to the light-inducible promoter sequence, and turn on the downstream report expression.

This product contains a puromycin selection marker under RSV promoter. Click to See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

Amount: 200 ul/per vial in DEME medium /10% FBS/ 10x Polybrene

CAT#: LVP473