LoxP GFP/RFP ColorSwitch (EF1a, Neo) lentivirus


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Lentivirus express the “LoxP-GFP-stop-LoxP-RFP-Stop” cassette under the enhanced EF1a promoter.  It is used to monitor or validate the efficiency of the CRE recombination reaction.

EF1a promoter is active in most or all tissues. Although EF1a promoter is not as strong as viral promoters like CMV, it tends not to get silenced (like CMV does).  The lentivirus also contains a Neomycin antibiotic selection marker under Rsv promoter.  see Product Manual for details.

Amount: 200 ul at 5×07 IFU/ml in PBS (concentrated lentivirus). 

CAT#: LVP1332-Neo-PBS