Luciferase (firefly)-2A-RFP (CMV-Bsd), Ultra titer lentivirus


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Pre-made Luciferase (luc) Lentiviral particles expressing firefly  luciferase 3 gene under an optional inducible suCMV promoter. A RFP marker was co-expressed under the same promoter. Luciferase and RFP were bicistronically expressed as individual protein mediated by a 2A element.  A Blasticidin antibiotic marker was expressed under RSV promoter, allows to sort or select transduced cells for long term expression via RFP signal or via blasticidin antibiotic (Dual selection).  RFP signal provides a convenient, realtime monitoring the particles performance.  See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

Particles was concentrated via our proprietary procedures, and re-suspended in PBS buffer for ultra high titer virus, suitable for all types of in vivo applications.

Amount:  50 ul/per vial, at 1 x 10e9 IFU/ml in PBS. 

Cat#: ULVP-009