m SNAI1_HA Expression Lentivirus


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Pre-made Lentivirus expressing mouse target: SNAI1 (alternative name: RP23-118A2.5, AI194338, Sna, Sna1, Snail, Snail1)  with C-terminal HA tag. The sub-cloned codon sequence is identical (100% match) to CDS region in NCBI ID: NM_011427.2

The target is expressed under an optional inducible suCMV promoter (Means: it can also be used as a regular constitutive high expression without need for any induction. But optionally, it can be used as tetracycline inducible expression when its repressor TetR is present). It carries the  RFP-Blasticidin fusion dual selection marker under RSV promoter, which allows to sort or to select the transduced cells via RFP signal or via blasticidin antibiotic). RFP signal provides a convenient, realtime monitoring the lentivirus’s performance.  See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

Amount: 200ul, at 1 x 107 IFU/ml, provided in DMEM medium containing 10x polybrene.

Cat#: LVP500