Nano-Lantern Zyxin


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Premade Nano-Lantern Lentivirus for imaging of Zyxin location and movement. 

About Zyxin Enzyme:

Zyxin is a cytoskeletal protein that localizes to focal adhesions, and plays an important role in cell adhesion and motility. It also plays a role in signaling pathways that control cell migration and proliferation. Therefore, Zyxin has been used as a marker for studying cell migration and invasion in various experimental models. 

Nano-Lantern Zyxin probe: 

This Lentivirus construct the fusion of Orange-Nano-Lantern with the Zyxin. It allows real-time Luminescence imaging of Zyxin location and movement.  Click Product Manual for product details.

Amount: 200 ul/vial in PBS (at titer of 1×10^8 IFU/ml, provided in PBS solution, premixed with 10x polybrene /60 ug/ml).

Price: 695.00 USD (shipped via overnight shipment in dry-ice package)

CAT#: LVP1527