pEco™-BAD-nHis PCR cloning kit


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PCR cloning kit to make high-yield E Coli expression vector for expressing N-term His tagged protein. It is specially designed for expressing toxic proteins with self-controlled low basal level. A Non-T7-based (pEco-BAD-nHis) vector was built-in with the cloning cells, and the expression is induced by L-arabinose in a dose-dependent mannal (please see product manual for vector map and details.). Full vector sequence can be download from our website.

The clones after sequencing verified, can be directly used for expression without the 2nd transformation into another expression strain.

Kit contents:  

  1. 10 tubes x 50ul/ea of vector built-in, Cloning-Ready cells, for 10 cloning reactions;
  2. 1 tube x 5 ul of positive PCR cloning control;
  3. 1ml of 2% L-arabinose;
  4. Forward and reverse sequencing primers: 15ul/ea at 25ng/ul;

See Product Manual (.pdf) for details.

Cat# IC-1003