pLenti-U6-gRNA-(Neo) Cloning Kit


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Make your target specific gRNA lentivectors with desired markers!

This gRNA Lentivector Cloning Kit is designed for cloning of double-strand DNA encoding your desired gRNA sequence for CRISPR genomic gene editing. 

To make your target specific gRNA lentivector, two synthetic gRNA oligonucleotides are first annealed to form the double stand DNA duplex which is then cloned into the provided, linear lentivector via T4 enzyme ligation.

This product is the lentivector version having the gRNA driven by a constitutive human U6 promoter with a Neomycin antibiotic selection marker under Rsv promoter. Please see Product Manual for details.  

Kit contents:

pLenti-U6-(Neo) linear vector:                 10 ul (10rxn, 1ul/rxn)
10x gRNA oligo annealing solution:                   25 ul
10X ligation buffer:                                             20 ul
T4 ligase enzyme:                                             10 ul (10rxn, 1ul/rxn)
Cloning control insert: annealed Neg-gRNA duplex:   10 ul (10rxn, 1ul/rxn)
Sequencing primer:                                           10 ul (10xn, 1ul/rxn)

DH5a chemical competent cells:                        10 vials (10xn, 1 vial/rxn)

The generated gRNA lentivector can be used for CRISPR editing, or used for gRNA lentivirus production and then use the gRNA lentivirus for CRISPR editing. 

Cat#: gRNA-U6-Neo