RFP-Luciferase Fusion (Puro), Concentrated Lentivirus



Concentrated Lentivirus express a fusion target of (RFP-Luciferase /firefly3).  The codon-optimized firefly luciferase was fusioned at its N-terminal with RFP protein, expressed under a constitutive suCMV promoter. A puromycin antibiotic selection marker is expressed under Rsv promoter.

It is a double signal marker for visualizing of Red fluorescent (RFP) signal and monitoring luciferase signal in vivo or in vitro. The is the concentrated lentiviurs with the higher titer, best suit for cell line generation in hard-to-transduced cell types.

Please see Product Manual for details.

Amount: 200ul/vial (1×108 IFU/ml), provided in PBS solution with stabilizer.

Cat#: LVP674-PBS